Continuous Training: The Key Piece for Work Success

Discover our Portal of  Free Online Training Courses  for workers,  subsidized continuous training courses for companies and Subsidized Training . Our work team   currently has more than 10 years of experience in the training sector   and our main objective is that  workers in private companies  and the  unemployed  who are looking for  work  are trained through our  courses .

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Today  training  is essential to  find a  stable, quality and sustainable job. With our  training courses  you will be able to acquire new knowledge and thus apply for  new jobs .

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Educational platforms that offer online training

These virtual spaces present courses on the most varied topics, making them ideal for continuous training of teachers.

Online training platforms allow users to take virtual courses on the most varied topics: Physics, Economics, History , Law, Mathematics , Photography, Technology … In this selection we offer numerous options for teachers, students or for anyone who wants to expand their knowledge.

Didactic Association

It offers different online courses designed by pedagogues and experts in different areas and adapted to the needs of teachers of all educational stages. Thus, they will learn how to use robotics in Early Childhood Education through educational robots such as the ‘Bee-Bot’ or Lego kits or to introduce computational thinking in their classes, among others.

Campus Education

Its courses are aimed at civil servants, teachers and interns who are preparing Competitions for Teachers of Early Childhood Education, Primary Education and Teachers of Secondary Education and who want to complete their scale of merits. This platform has an agreement with the Ministry of Education, the Camilo José Cela University and the Antonio Nebrija University.

Primary World Campus

Specialists in the stages of compulsory primary education, at Campus Mundo Primaria propose specific courses for teacher training in issues such as multiple intelligences, emotional intelligences, new pedagogies or issues such as ADHD or problem behaviors. They are online courses that are carried out through the Internet, and are aimed at parents and any professional in the world of education.


They can be defined as personalized courses , since ClassGap is a platform that connects students interested in a topic with expert teachers in it. In this way you will receive completely unique classes aimed at you and your interests, being a tool very similar to private classes… but from home and through the Internet.


In this marketplace , videoconferences and video courses are given live on different topics, including education and teaching, including languages, pedagogy, philosophy and mathematics. In the rooms to watch the videos, the user can communicate in real time with other students who are watching the same course and contact the teacher in case they have any questions. For their part, video forums are open videoconference rooms, each one on a different theme, so that anyone at any time can enter, participate and discuss specific topics.


This educational platform partners with renowned universities and organizations around the world to provide online training. In addition to video lessons, it offers interactive questionnaires, it is possible to do homework and have it evaluated by peers … It’s free. One of its advantages is that on the home page it is possible to see ‘the most popular specialized programs’, ‘the most popular’, ‘popular among Spanish-speakers’ …

UNED open courses

Environmental Technologies, Art History, Law Theory, Road Safety Education, Fundamental Mathematics, Psychology, Social Services: the welfare state… These are some of the courses that the UNED offers through this virtual platform. They are characterized because they are free access and do not require registration; They also do not have a specific start or end date. It should also be added that some of the courses have been adapted to the open iTunesU platform that this university has.


These training courses for teachers are designed so that teachers from the same educational center receive training in new methodologies. To do this, they include a real practice module that allows educators to apply the content learned in their classroom and upload the learning evidence to the platform to be assessed by the tutor.

Teacher Education

Based in Sabadell, this website includes a very wide compendium of courses to improve teacher training at all levels and topics related to education. Some of the activities are recognized by official entities and, among all of them, we find material on emotional education, communication, digital tools, behavior management and many more.


Founded by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University in 2012, it offers free college-level courses in a wide range of disciplines. It currently has more than 2 million users and more than 50 institutes, non-profit organizations, corporations and international organizations that offer or plan to offer more than 500 online training courses.


This Spanish platform offers a wide variety of paid video courses in Spanish, almost all of them about business, programming, cooking, music, languages, education … The videos are always available from the web and its apps and can be downloaded and viewed even without an Internet connection . The app for this platform is available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Interested users can record, upload their course and market it to interested students.


To access the different courses offered by Fnn on its website, teachers must choose the training they want to prepare according to the educational cycle to which they belong, that is, if they are a teacher of Early Childhood, Primary or Secondary Education. All of them have a duration of 150 hours, are certified by official universities and include educational approaches such as cooperative learning, service learning, technological innovation, neuroeducation or issues such as the detection, prevention and intervention of school bullying (bullying and cyberbullying) .

EduCaixa training

EduCaixa offers more than 80 trainings to improve and specialize in different areas: skills and evaluations in gamification, resources to promote critical thinking, teach science in Infant and Primary, prepare students through project-based learning or orientation workshops. faculty. The website organizes the search in educational branches, levels and competences to provide each teacher with a course adapted to their interests and needs.

Online training

It is an interesting platform that gives visibility to the best free courses available on the net. Their community is quite large and they share with it resources from any area of ​​study, as well as discounts and exclusive free access to advanced paid courses. You can consult hundreds of free courses on this page ordered by subject areas.

Free Easy Way

This space is characterized by providing 100% distance learning that adapts to the availability of its users. In addition, both colleges and universities, technical schools or teachers have the opportunity to insert their own content (available in different languages) that can be free or paid. Free Easy Way has a virtual classroom module, real-time collaboration tools, videoconferencing system and a virtual library called ‘Box Reader’ with access to multiple resources such as textbooks, task banks, exams, graduation theses, encyclopedias , dictionaries, etc. It has even developed a mailing system for sending invitations announcing the opening of the session of the courses that are going to be given and the possibility of interacting with other users.